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Why Medical Massage

It's often a winding road of variouspaths that brings new clients to a massage therapy clinic for the first time. A girl's day at the spa perhaps, entailing pedicures, facials and a relaxing Swedish Massage. An attemptto improve athletic performance for a body builder or weekend warrior led them to a deep tissue or sports massage specialist. Perhaps a trusted friend suggested this great therapist they saw, or even passes along a gift card to someone they care about. New clients are sometimes even referred by other health care providers such as chiropractors, medical doctors, or physical therapists.

Whatever the case may be, the world of massage therapy can be confusing for newcomers. With such a variety of modalities, or massage techniques, figuring out what kind of therapist to look for becomes a task in and of itself. Often times new clients contact clinics that advertise as Medical Massage Therapy and wonder what makes it stand out from all the other techniques.

In truth, medical massage isn't actually a technique or modality of body work that is specific at all. The opposite is true. Medical massage is a skilled combination of all the techniques as the therapist has collected along their professional path. Techniques within the scope of practice as defined by their governing bodies that is.

What makes medical massage effective is that it ishighly specialized to the clients needs. Medical massage therapists have a more extensive knowledge of pathology of an array of medical conditions. What techniques will ease symptoms as well as which techniques to avoid that may aggravate symptoms of specific conditions. A medical massage therapist will have training in specific areas including: evaluating clients based on medical history, activity levels and health.These evaluations help guide the therapist in making decisions to designing a plan of treatment to meet the clients needs.

There's nothing to say a medical massage will or will not entail any special technique. The reason clients seek medical massage practices is that they are seeking goal oriented, personalized care.

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